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This game is no longer available to download. Thanks to all who have checked it out but I am not satisfied with the game. I would like to someday improve upon it and release a better version.

Take your opponents pixels before they take yours.

In Fractured Layers, 8 playable characters carry what is known as a Pixel Eater, or PE. With these PEs, they are able to strip away every single pixel from the unfortunate victim who comes across it. Now each one is after the other to take their pixels due to their scarcity. Who will be the one with the last pixel standing?

  • This is an arcade style game where you must defeat all the opponents and reach the boss.
  • You can play with up to 3 other players in the versus mode.
  • You can use keyboard, controllers, or even the mouse.

Confused about how to play the game? Check out this video about the basics:

After you've gotten the basics down, you can then check out each character's individual strategies (opens in new window):

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Hey there. I came across this game a couple of days ago. I really admire its unique playstyle; it works really well for a fighting game. I checked out the IndieDB link, so I know that development for this game has stopped and why it did. Nonetheless I made my own YouTube video on this game to try and raise awareness for it, as well as critique it a little to speculate where it could have been improved. Hopefully you don't mind.