Update for April 2 and about the artwork

Uploaded a new build that fixed  a typo and an oversight on the Music options. Also added a message when you beat the game.

Also, I've been getting a lot of flak about the artwork in this game. I'd like to explain my position on that. This was meant to be a small, short game but it took me longer than I expected. The artwork was a result of this as I wanted to draw it as fast as possible, which is why it looks pretty bad and I'll admit, had I known it would take me so long I probably would've put some more effort into the art. But I figured that since this was a free browser game, then people will overlook it as long as the gameplay is good. After all, you're not paying anything, aside from a donation that is optional and if you did, I thank you for your support.

Well, apparently, it looks like even free games do not escape the scorn of the caustic. After many days of being on the bitter end of insults at both the game and myself, I'm still going to stand by the notion that, even though the graphics and music aren't very good (you can turn off the music if you'd like) the gameplay is where I put my most effort into. All I wish from you is to simply give the game a chance.

As the old saying goes, graphics don't make a game.


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Apr 03, 2018

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