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A sword-fighting game taking inspiration from the very popular Punch-Out series to the very obscure Neo-Geo game Crossed Swords. Child Arms is a split screen 2D arcade style game currently in beta.

This beta includes:

  • Two characters to choose from
  • Three difficulty modes
  • Hand drawn sprites
  • Controller and keyboard input
  • Around 20 minutes of gameplay

This beta was created to test out the fight system in place and figure out what needs to be improve. Since this is a system that not many games utilize, player feedback is very important.

Please consider checking out the beta and providing feedback on what needs to be improved. If you like the project and wish to know more, please check out the website for more information:


We also have a devlog available at IndieDB:


And you can follow us on our social media:



Install instructions

Simply unzip the file on a folder and run the exe. No installation required. No files will be stored on your computer.


child_arms_102.zip 175 MB

Development log


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This is a really cool concept, the AI seemed to freak out every now and then but thankfully not too often. This was a lot of fun, I'm excited to see what it's like when it's expanded!


Left my response on the video. Thanks for checking it out.


Thanks for suggesting your game, I loved it! I’m looking forward to trying out the main game! 

I was told about this game by the developer and it's a pretty neat concept! Punch-Out but with swords and sheilds! I think with a little more time, it could besomething pretty fun. I can see an entire game working like this. I haven't played Crossed Swords, but I'm sure it's also a pretty neat game like Punch Out.

I did a Spotlight video, if you'd like to check it out below. Thanks again, Toolkitz, for letting me know about the game!

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I mention Crossed Swords because that is actually the first inspiration for Child Arms (specifically the second game) but it is so obscure that no one would know what I was talking about if I mentioned it by itself. But those who do play it describe it as "Punch-Out with swords", and after replaying Punch-Out, decided to add elements from that game to make my game much more recognizable.

Aside from that, I already commented on your video so you know how much I loved it. Thanks once again for checking out my game.