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This project is a long time coming for us. Conceived over a decade ago, this project has finally gotten off the ground this year around February and it's only recently that we have finally taken our first steps to getting this game into a playable form. This beta was originally conceived as a demo for events but soon realized that it wasn't ready for such because we didn't knew what direction this game was heading since there is practically no other game like this anywhere else and realized that it might give a bad impression of what we really wish to accomplish.

That is why this game had shifted from an event demo to a public beta and reworked it into something much more public friendly. We had added keyboard support, 3 difficulty settings, gamepad calibration, and game tips to help you along the way. It also comes with a separate PDF file containing more information. 

We are aiming to create a game that is easy to learn but hard to master. The types of games that eases players in but provides more depth the more you play. However, this can't be done unless we get feedback first. As said before, this concept is unique that there is no other game like it. That is why we need the help of as many players as possible.

So check out the screenshots and the video, and if it's something you like, then please download the exe file and check out the game. After you are done playing, please provide feedback in the comments section.

If you wish to follow progress of the game, then please follow us on our devlog:


As well as our social:



And don't forget to check out our website:



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Oct 16, 2019

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