New updated version, 1.0.2

New updated version. There seems to be an oversight where if you sidestep, the computer opponent will erratically press up and down at random times. This has been patched so that the AI no longer does that. However, I could not actually find the source of the problem and I just applied a quick patch to fix this particular issue, so despite the erratic behavior being fixed, the AI will still take a while before it performs an action. This is not a huge bug in the program and the game runs fine even with this oversight so there will be no further investigation. This is because this AI will soon be obsolete to make room for a better one for the final product.

With that said, this beta will soon no longer be available as the finalized version is soon underway to be constructed. By the end of December, this beta will no longer be available for download and even then, the finalized version of the fight system will already be underway. The beta still has a purpose for providing feedback, so please check out the beta so that this game can be improved further.

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Nov 12, 2019

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